Sunday, February 13, 2011

so im back on line. im sure that the world was a little duller with out me blogen.
first things first, current events. how bout those egyptians? a little protesting goes a long way. finally had a kinda good game in the super bowl. had a lot of famous musicians for the half time show but here is my beef u shouldnt be a famous rock star unless u play an instrument.
im glad that spring is on its way. this time of year is great. we can all get ready for spring cleanen, calven season and tax time. i love taxes. not only do u get to pay them u get to pay someone to tell u how much to pay.
a lot of folks have been asken me to blog more, this creates a lot of pressure and adds to my overwhelmin writers block plus with the cold weather lately the lcd screen on my i pad froze. holden it with a stick to close to an open flame wasent the ansewer at least it is melted down and one step closer to becomen recycolbel waste.
in this second decade of this new century when all of us are striven to lower our carbon foot print i would like u all to know im tryen to do my part. i pee out side. i live a mile from my closet neighbor so i tell my self it hurts no one, until the otherday. early in the mornen i rushed out side and down to the far end of my driveway when out of my peripheral vision i realized i wasent alone. while thinken of which gate id left open and whut lifestock got out my eyes focused on the cow and calf moose. they had found there way to my driveway and were just checken things out. i ran back inside to find a camra knowen that by the time id found they would be gone. after rummagen around and tipen a few things over i woke my wife up so she could tell me that the camra was on the table. the moose hung around we got a few photos of them in the driveway, a few photos of them goen into the shed, a few photos of the comen out of the shed, and a few photos of them sniffen the dog house that all three of my dogs where huddeled in scared to death of these things that had the horses so wound up that they were trompen each other to get to the far side of the corral. after a while they left and things went back to normal. i got the photos but aint smart enuf to get them on the computer.
thats all im typen today so check back from time to time to see whats new.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

so by the way ive never seen that muskrat again. he must have moved on out of my life forever.
we have had a prety buzy spring. alot of little baby calves. we have got most of them branded and kicked out on the range. we spend all spring chasen them out and all fall chasen them home.
a few weeks ago we moved a hurd of mother cows up to the corral to work them threw the chute to tag and delice them all went well tell the last few cows. its been a few years since ive been tromp and stomped. im usually prety careful and i only let my guard down for a brief moment but thats all it took. to be honest i thought that she was just bluffen and would turn to the left or the right so i stayed in the middle. she didnt turn. all my charm did nothen to slow this cow down so i braced myself for impact. it had rained and the mud was deep so runnen was not an option. the mud was what saved me she didnt nock me down just pushed me while i skied across the pen. she is out on the range now so maybe i wont have to see her for a few months.
i hope that all the mothers had a happy mothers day and hope that the april showers gave somebody may flowers.

Monday, January 4, 2010

another no title...

So the other day, I was down in the field with my little brother Nick, and we needed to move some cows across the highway. Nick opened the north side gate, and as I was opening the gate on the south I noticed a lone muskrat. Now for those of you who do not know what a muskrat is, they are about the size of a large guinea pig with large protruding teeth that are made for biting. It is equiped with a long whiplike mouse tail.
Now this little bugger was in the middle of the field, and was not supposed to be part of the cowherd, but as things turned out this little thing was right at home. As the cows started toward the gate, crossing the highway in an orderly fashion, the muskrat fell right into place behind an old red cow. He was part of the herd. When all the cows and muskrats had crossed the highway, I proceeded to close the gate when out of the corner of my eye I caught a critter trying to leave the herd, it was my little muskrat friend. I tried to head him back but he beat me to the fence. And a five strand barbwire fence aint gonna stop no muskrat! Back across the road and (so I thought) out of my life forever.
A few days later, while breaking a whole in the ice for the cows to drink, I heard a rustling in the tall grass coming from the river bank. When out lept THE MUSKRAT! Knowing he was looking for open water, I backed away to my truck slowly... once again grabbing my 22 with a bent site and no bullets. Fumbling for shells and cursing the day that the box broke open and bullets spilled all over my floor, the muskrat made his way to the hole, into the water, and swam down stream under the ice.
Somehow I feel that me and the muskrats fate is intertwined. These 2 meetings cannot be by chance. I do not know how I will feel when we meet again. Will I embrace him as a friend or curse him as an enemy?

Me and my lovely wife.

Jail break '09.

Chrsitmas family photos '09

BR: Steph, Dad, Mom, Ash, Me FR: Ronda, Brayker, Jade, Sherydon, Tagg, Nick

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

no title

Lots of people have requested a blog update, so after many long hours of waiting- and trying to remember my password, here it is...
In my last post, I talked about new kitties and new dogs- we still have new kitties and new dogs, but the other dogs are old and the other kitties are in a better place. Also, I have gained a new niece. She is really cute!
Winter has come, it is cold here. This Christmas was the best Christmas ever! Which moves last Christmas into 2nd place. I was a little sad cause with the new additions to the families, my present total was cut down. For some reason when grandparents have grandkids, they forget about their own kids. When I arrived at my parents home, I was very excited to see all the large gifts and presents under the tree. Moments later, after the grandkids had opened their gifts, the floor was piled with used wrapping paper, and I had not opened a single present.
My best Christmas gift was a red-ryder BB gun, complete with eye protection. So now in the driveway there are lots of pop cans and bottles that have been shot to death. Birds will not land in the trees. And Nelson "Mr Personality" of the dogs now runs when he sees me packing a rifle.
The other morning, with the stockings hung by the chimney with care, I sprang to the window and threw open the sash, and lots of coyotes were in the front pasture. So while still in my pajamas, I grabbed my 22 with a bent site and proceeded down the stairs and out the door into the 20 below air. The thrill of the hunt drove me to run down the driveway, firing my rifle as I ran. I did not hit a coyote but they new they were being shot at and were very scared. A quarter mile away from the house, I stopped and realized I was out of bullets, my hands were frozed to the rifle and my sandals were full of snow. It is hard to describe the shame I felt as I came home from the hunt empty handed, cold, and feeling really stupid for leaving without my coat.
Is a mangy old coyote really worth all that trouble?
Until next time, keep your coat and loved ones close by.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ok so it has been awhile since the last time that i wrote. im sure that the world has been on the edge of their seats to see what shows up on this blog next. well the only thing fun that ive done since my last update is a little trip to mexico(before the swine flu). it was the typical trip to a beach resort with sun, fun, myan ruins, lizards, wild cab rides and a big salty blue thing sum folks call the caribian sea. i will admit (as smart as i am) there was a bit of a language barrier. another thing of intrest is that street vendors are atracted to a big dumb out of place looken tourist with a handle bar mustach. i made alot of friends that dont remember me. there was seven of us that went but close to six of us to come home my mother in law was almost lost in a horrific scotter crash. we all hit the streets of cozemel riden our rented scotters and it wasent long till we were all seperated, lost, and runnen scarred. it was my chance to get rid of her but the thought of what mite happen to a good looken blond gal lost in mexico promped me to go back and get her.
in the last few mounths ive got 2 new dogs, 2 new cats, and another new nephew tagert dean. he has more hair than sam and brayker put together im gunna have a lot of work to do teachen these two new ones bad words.
well no hero of the day stories or fun stuff to tell ya. weve been remodel en our kitchen that is really awsome i recomend that everone does that. so until next time see ya

Thursday, February 12, 2009

so the other day i done somthing that was a little different than the normal day. i went fishing, maybe thats what you would call it because it wasnt for fish it was for a cow. during the winter we have to chop a hole in the ice so the cows can drink. cows are not as good at standing in line as u might think. there is a lot of pushing and shoving. the ice around the hole gaveway and a few cows went in. the water was'nt deep so the younger stronger cows were able to get out but there was one old black cow that just was'nt strong enough, she was stuck. (enter stage right, the hero) i was in the field with the tractor and happend to be in the right place at the right time. i drove on the ice as close to the hole as i dared get and grabed the chain off the floor. she could stand so i got her to step over the chain, pulled it tight around her chest where a bullrope would fit and hooked the other end to the tractor. a little pull up and back and out she came. getting the chain off is a story that is to many words for my one finger typing ability. maybe next week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. you can stop doubting you have now logged on to wadesworld.