Sunday, February 13, 2011

so im back on line. im sure that the world was a little duller with out me blogen.
first things first, current events. how bout those egyptians? a little protesting goes a long way. finally had a kinda good game in the super bowl. had a lot of famous musicians for the half time show but here is my beef u shouldnt be a famous rock star unless u play an instrument.
im glad that spring is on its way. this time of year is great. we can all get ready for spring cleanen, calven season and tax time. i love taxes. not only do u get to pay them u get to pay someone to tell u how much to pay.
a lot of folks have been asken me to blog more, this creates a lot of pressure and adds to my overwhelmin writers block plus with the cold weather lately the lcd screen on my i pad froze. holden it with a stick to close to an open flame wasent the ansewer at least it is melted down and one step closer to becomen recycolbel waste.
in this second decade of this new century when all of us are striven to lower our carbon foot print i would like u all to know im tryen to do my part. i pee out side. i live a mile from my closet neighbor so i tell my self it hurts no one, until the otherday. early in the mornen i rushed out side and down to the far end of my driveway when out of my peripheral vision i realized i wasent alone. while thinken of which gate id left open and whut lifestock got out my eyes focused on the cow and calf moose. they had found there way to my driveway and were just checken things out. i ran back inside to find a camra knowen that by the time id found they would be gone. after rummagen around and tipen a few things over i woke my wife up so she could tell me that the camra was on the table. the moose hung around we got a few photos of them in the driveway, a few photos of them goen into the shed, a few photos of the comen out of the shed, and a few photos of them sniffen the dog house that all three of my dogs where huddeled in scared to death of these things that had the horses so wound up that they were trompen each other to get to the far side of the corral. after a while they left and things went back to normal. i got the photos but aint smart enuf to get them on the computer.
thats all im typen today so check back from time to time to see whats new.


  1. Oh Wade!! What a joy it is to read your blog. I want an update once a month, that's not to hard to ask!! Well I think you need to ask your smart wife to upload the moose photos, because I just don't believe you!! Just kiddin!

  2. Wade, you make my day when you blog!!!

  3. Love it, cowboy! You make me smile....for lots of reasons, mostly because you are just you!!!